Did I really go this long without posting?


Obviously. Not sure how it happened though. Life has just seemed busy even though I can’t really think of why it has seemed so much busier than usual. I hardly practiced this week, although I did manage a decent amount today. Actually, now that I think back, I remember that my grandfather flew into town at the last minute. Really, I didn’t just forget about him coming and visiting me for a day. It just seems like it’s been far longer than a week. I played for him and it certainly wasn’t my best. :/ I got the impression that he was thinking a year of cello lessons and THIS is all you have to show for it??? It left me rather blah about the cello and I just didn’t have it in me to practice for the next several days. So, I guess that’s what happened.

And now I’m going through another one of those phases where I wonder what the heck I’m doing trying to learn to play the cello and feeling convinced that I will never be anything but awful at this. Ugh…

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