Ugh. I have a recital tomorrow. :/


Well, the title of this post says it all. I always used to be excited about recitals but this time I’m pretty much dreading it. I’ll be playing that pesky little piece by Haydn that always makes me feel like I don’t deserve to have the cello I’m playing on (poor cello– she’s stuck with ME!) Plus I’ll be playing a short piece by Gluck and one of those many mystery pieces which has almost no identifying information. I’ve been super stressed and tired the last few weeks so my playing has just been abysmal. Of course, I wasn’t really looking forward to the recital before all the stress either…

My teacher keeps telling me how impressed she is with my progress but I swear each bow stroke sounds worse than the last.

I still haven’t replaced my strings even though a couple of them are making all sorts of wonky sounds. I’m being weirdly indecisive about it and will likely just leave them on there until they’re unplayable.

I’ll write a post about the recital tomorrow night most likely, but no there will be no video. Thankfully my teacher has an aversion to cameras also.

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