Monthly Archives: September 2010

Cello Practice


Up until now I’ve been practicing for about an hour twice a day, which seemed to be working alright for me and I was happy with the progress I’ve been making. However, it was physically hard, and I would often have a sore bow thumb. I was discussing this with my teacher and she said that I need to take more frequent breaks — every 20 to 30 minutes is best. She recommended setting an alarm for a half hour each time I practice and getting up to stretch, get water, etc. so that I feel refreshed. By doing that she said she can practice for about 5 hours! I promised her I would try this and see how it went. I did four 30 minute sessions with 5 minute breaks in between. In many ways it was certainly more enjoyable. My thumb doesn’t hurt as much as it usually does after practicing and my back and neck don’t feel sore from it either. My brain, however, feels exhausted! I always liked playing for an hour, going about my day, and practicing another hour later for giving my body a break. I didn’t realize how much of a break it was giving my mind. By the end of practicing today I felt like I had scrambled eggs between my ears! I’m learning so much so fast that it was hard to keep myself so engaged for so long without a substantial break to decompress. I wonder what effect (if any) this kind of stress on my brain will have on how fast I learn. We’ll have to see!