One of the things I have been working on this last week is an etude in E-flat. It’s really quite simple, but I’m failing miserably. My fingers have no idea where anything actually is in E-flat. Sure, I’ve played pieces in E-flat and they sounded as okay-ish as anything else I play, but this etude really requires my fingers themselves to know automatically where every single note should be in every single position on every single string. Unfortunately, my fingers seem to object to anything and everything in E-flat at the moment. They, in fact, prefer the hellish Dotzauer etudes to anything in E-flat. Which basically means I’m making almost no progress on yet another etude and it all just sounds like garbage. Blah!

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  1. That’s one of the conundrums of spending so much time working on scales and arpeggios–we assume that being able to play any scale or arpeggio in any key area that would give us the skills to do classical music.But it only works that way relative to how we actually operate

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