Quick Update.


So… it’s been a while! I’ve been moving, which has been chaotic. We still don’t have an internet connection and won’t until the 13th (stupid AT&T) so I still won’t get to post much until then. The good news is that I (finally) have my very own computer for the first time in forever (okay, so the last computer I got was for a HS grad present, which was only 10 years ago, but in computer terms it may as well be a fossil.)

With the insanity of the move I haven’t been able to practice nearly as much as I want to so my progress is slow. I’m working on yet another Dotzauer etude, which is, like the last one, excruciating but wonderful. It feels like it’ll take the rest of the summer to get it up to shape at the rate I’m going, but again, like the last one, I’ve learned an incredible amount from it. Usually I hate etudes, but I absolutely love Dotzauer’s. It’s kinda like sore muscles from working out. Sure it hurts like hell, but it also kinda feels good and I’m better off for it afterward.

Part of me is getting impatient about all these etudes I’ve been working on (no actual pieces at the moment) but that’s pretty much my fault because I have had so little time to practice. But, on the plus side I NOW HAVE MY VERY OWN LAPTOP! This may not be so exciting to the rest of you, but for me it is… I haven’t had my own computer in many years and had previously been using my husband’s old desktop that has been rebuilt three times over the last 11 years and absolutely every single piece of it is shot (well, okay, it still has about 2/3 of the case and two of the usb ports work and the power supply works but just gets a bit too hot.) The stupid thing took about a half an hour to start up (not kidding. I actually had time to brew coffee in the morning, fix it, and drink it while the computer booted up.) So today when my laptop told me that it took 73 seconds to boot and that it was too slow and I needed to optimize it, I actually laughed out loud. I’m rather unused to a functional computer, but am quite excited and hope to be using it to update this blog more frequently (once stupid AT&T decides to grant us access to the interwebz.) I’m also excited because having this computer means I will be able to buy the program I will need for next semester’s theory class and do all the ear training exercises at home instead of using the music department’s ancient computers that are actually worse than my husband’s old desktop (really, a computer *can* be worse than that and still turn on and do stuff, though I hesitate to say “function.”) And, since I have to leave super early to get into Sac before rush hour traffic, I will have a nice fancy computer to use while waiting for class to start. Yay!

Anyhow, hopefully more updates will come when I have my very own internet connection and have more time to do the thing I’m supposed to be blogging about.

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