Death By Dotzauer


My teacher is currently on vacation for a couple weeks, which means that I asked her to give me plenty to do. She gave me a couple etudes by Dotzauer as part of what I need to be working on. Over the last week I have worked almost exclusively on just one of them because it the single most difficult piece I’ve encountered thus far. It looks simpler than it is and, at least for me, is impossible to play well. The first several days were spent questioning if I could actually get through the whole thing — I’ve never questioned being able to simple get through anything, even if I knew it would be horribly played! I finally had a breakthrough when I started trying to work through it end to front. So, the last half only makes me cringe about a third of the time, while the first half still makes me wish I were deaf. She said she didn’t expect me to manage to get through the two etudes and at this point I don’t intend to. I really just want to be able to play the first one without wanting to cry. So, I think I have found my (for now) impossible project: This etude right here! (Also, sorry it’s so blurry! The book is falling apart and I was using photo booth!)
Dotzauer Etude


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