One of the themes of my lessons and practice is the focus on what I’m not doing. This is actually pretty fun and generally relaxing if I’m actually succeeding. Unfortunately, I really did have to stick the Jargars back on since the other strings really just aren’t playable (loose winding is never good!) Now the Jargars feel stiff and like they are just fighting me, making it super difficult to relax and not fight back. I’ve only been able to practice for a few minutes at a time because I just get so frustrated at how the strings feel under my fingers and bow and wind up doing all the things I’m supposed to be not doing. Ugh…

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  1. You probably need to lower your bridge… My luthier is also a cellist and my instructor. She cut down my bridge lower than another shop was willing to go. It was even lower than what I wanted, but it has helped a lot.

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