Sleep and Cello.


The last couple weeks I’ve hardly been able to sleep and last night was certainly the worst — less than three hours, which might be okay had I been getting a decent amount lately. Unfortunately, I’m lucky to get more than 4 or 5 hours of crappy, interrupted sleep on a good night. It’s not a due to a hectic lifestyle or anything — I have plenty of time to sleep — I just cant fall asleep, stay asleep, or get quality sleep when I do.

This is, of course, really bad news for the cello. I’ve been doing okay most of the week and have been able to make noticeable progress daily, but today it all sort of caught up to me. I haven’t played, haven’t wanted to play, and haven’t even wanted to want to play because all I really want is to sleep. I thought that surely I would be able to take a nap, but after five hours of failed napping I gave up along with any hope of playing today.

The lack of sleep has also made me feel a sort of slow, weird, sleep-deprived kind of crazy. Were this blog totally anonymous, I’d likely be typing out the odd contents of my head right now (probably a good thing I don’t have an anonymous blog.) It’s rather amazing what sleep deprivation does to the mind.

I seriously hope I can get a decent night’s sleep tonight…


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