Sometimes progress is just not going backwawds.


Today, Monday, is my busiest day of the week, which usually means I don’t get to practice much. Since yesterday was a really good practice day, I figured to just try to maintain the progress I’d made yesterday in my reduced amount of time. Which basically meant that I only practiced 3 octave C major and the same two phrases over and over again, but I sounded just as good if not a tiny bit better after not a lot of practice. Yay! Usually after a breakthrough I go backwards a bit and take a while to regain the progress I’d very quickly made. It tends to be frustrating because I know I can sound far better (I’ve heard it!) but I end up watching much of it slip away. So, today was all about not going backwards. Nothing new, nothing that I hadn’t practiced yesterday. Just making sure that I sounded as good today as I did yesterday. I think I actually made a bit of progress, strangely. Still lots to work on, but I suppose if there wasn’t I wouldn’t have a blog about learning to play the cello. At least I didn’t get worse today.

Also, last night I went to see my teacher perform at a recital for the university’s small chamber groups. She rocked. She was easily the most enjoyable performer there, regardless of instrument. Yes, I’m biased, but my hubby isn’t so biased and he agreed that she played at a higher level than anyone else there. I don’t think she has any idea that she’s more awesome than anyone else, but she really is. Have I mentioned how happy I am that I’m studying with her?


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