Fighting with my cello.


It’s official: I have entered into an epic battle with my cello, one I am destined to lose. The only thing good that can be said is that the A string sounds just fine wherever I bow. Bright (okay, harsh — even my teacher said so) but I can live with it. However, C G & D are a bit more problematic. The sound I mentioned a while ago, which I describe as “sanding” and my luthier as “burbling” that I’ve just had to make peace with, gets exponentially amplified the closer to the bridge I bow. At an inch and a half away it starts sounding like a spitting/popping/crackling, much like a fire. Except that it in no way is relaxing or pretty or reminiscent of camping. The entire time I practiced this morning I felt like I was fighting the cello. I got tense, aggressive, mad with her. It didn’t help, but sadly it didn’t even hurt. It all just sounded like crap. I tried bowing open strings instead of practicing bits and pieces of songs or scales, but it still sounded just awful. I was beyond miserable. Then my husband walks in and tells me it all sounds just fine, that he can’t hear this sound that I’m talking about. Which is great that it’s not audible to someone in front of the cello, but it really sucks to be me right now. I’m really trying to practice this as wholeheartedly as possible so that I can rightfully complain to my teacher next weekend that this was the worst cello week ever and that my cello and I have engaged in a war that I cannot possibly win.


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