A non-musical day.


The last couple days have been filled with a distinct lack of cello-y-ness for me. Yesterday I was filling up at the gas station when someone told me I should check my tire pressure because it looked a bit flat to him. It turns out that I didn’t just have a flat tire, I had a partially busted open tire. There were a couple flaps of rubber peeling off and the structure of the tire itself was damaged. It wasn’t something that could be fixed, so I needed to replace it, but it turns out nobody in Davis had the proper size of tire to fit my Corolla. In the middle of all this I needed to pick up my mom, who can’t drive, from an appointment. Since I can’t drive my husband’s car (it’s a stick) I had to ask him to pick her up while I failed to get a new tire, then had to call my boss to explain why I was going to be late. Thankfully she’s had this happen twice to her, which is apparently due to impact from the lovely potholes that grace the county roads between Davis and Winters. Oh, and I had to call my step-dad to see if he could take my mom to her appointment she had today since I would have to be dealing with getting a new tire. It was stressful and crazy and on top of it I was feeling like I was getting sick. Thankfully I’d gotten a little bit of celloing in earlier yesterday, but not as much as I would have liked.

Then today I woke up feeling distinctly sick and coughing, but decided that I really did need to get a new tire. That turned out to be an ordeal and a half. For some reason all the really good tires in the right size for my Corolla are no longer being manufactured and they had to scramble around to finally find a set of not-as-nice tires that would fit. Once they physically verified they indeed had a pair of tires suitable for my car (because apparently having tires for a 2007 Corolla in Davis, which about half the people here drive, is too difficult a thing to accomplish) my husband and I walked to a near-by cafe. Midway through drinking my coffee I noticed a black cloud in the distance and said we should walk back. He said no, it would pass. I was sick and didn’t feel like arguing and we ended up having to walk back in the rain. And did I mention that I’m sick? In the end I ended up with a car with two new kinda crappy tires on the front and the good less-new tires on back, plus a missing hubcap. But, since my old Corolla was missing one, my husband’s Corolla is missing one, and my brother in law’s Corolla is missing one, my car now feels at home in the awesome hubcap-less house of Corollas.

Anyway, I got home feeling crappy from being sick and having had to walk in the rain and took a nap for several hours, which involved a distinct lack of playing cello. I decided not to go to class tonight either, thinking that despite the new tires I would be a bit of a menace on the road since I’m feeling crappy enough that I can’t walk straight. And, since I’m feeling this yucky, I’m going to NOT test out my theory that all I’d accomplish is jabbing myself in the foot with my end pin or poking myself in the eye with my bow. Instead, I think I will go watch some of the Next Generation episodes I have recorded.


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  1. I had to replace two tires a couple weeks ago–they were getting so bad the car was vibrating on the highway since they were worn almost to the threads. Yikes!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Yikes indeed! Still, better than exposed, torn threads, but at least I wasn’t driving on that except for the mile it took to get to Goodyear! Thankfully I had some seriously awesome tires on the front that I’d gotten when I lived in the Santa Cruz mountains which are the scariest, most dangerous roads I’ve ever driven on, so despite the bum tire I wasn’t noticing any difference driving. Actually, not sure that’s a good thing — the guy who noticed at the gas station deserves a serious thank you because if he hadn’t pointed it out I would have driven those county roads at 55 mph to work and back during peak traffic! But now I have good tires on all four, plus I got my oil changed (3000 miles late!) and now all I have to do is take it in because of the recall notice. And get the hubby to get his car taken care of…

      Started feeling a bit better after a totally hilarious TNG episode (“The Naked Now” from season 1.) Still sick, but my Star Trek idea was more awesome than I expected 😀 Nothing to do until 5 tomorrow, so hopefully I can manage to get some cello time in!

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