Tonight’s Concert.


Tonight, at the invitation of my teacher, I’m going to see the Sac State Symphony Orchestra perform. Thus far I have specifically not gone to any of her performances because she hadn’t invited me and I know she gets incredibly nervous when she performs. But, this time she decided to ask all her students to come out and support the cellos — all five of them — because, well, there are only five of them. And she’s really excited about the performance. So, that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.

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  1. Believe it or not, I don’t have a webcam or recorder of any kind! I also only possess a stupid phone, which most of the time I have turned off, I’ve never owned a flash drive (how did I get through college?) and the computer I’m using is 10 years old… Plus, all you’d get is me practicing stupid 2 octave B-flat major over and over again with my metronome clicking away at me while I try to follow it instead of chucking it across the room. Or me trying to sight read in tenor clef (my ears haven’t started bleeding yet, but my fingers feel like they’re going to. Ow.) Or me practicing the same few slides over and over again until my fingers are bright red and the tips are square instead of round and they feel like they have little mini blow torches shooting out of them. Trust me that you REALLY don’t want to hear this. Really. Cuz I sure don’t… Or, I could play you that horrible Haydn piece. Or better yet, the Schumann piece I’m working on. I think this song is more annoying than Twinkle Twinkle. Seriously. But the book included it because it must be the only song in E-flat written in tenor clef that has ever existed. Otherwise, they certainly would have included a song that annoys the player LESS than their metronomes do, not more. Seriously you wouldn’t want to hear me! I promise! If I ever DO record myself, I’d probably sit there bowing open strings and telling you everything that is wrong as I try to fix it, which would never ever end and you’d think I’m insane.

  2. Wowsa. That’s a lot of excuses in one post. 🙂

    Does your teacher do recitals? If so, you should have someone film it. My first one, 5 or 6 months after I started, is on youtube . . . . somewhere . . . .

  3. I’m awesome at excuses! And yes, I’ve had two recitals, but no one filmed them. I doubt my teacher would want that either, since she and I play duets for recitals! To some extent it would be cool to have a video record of myself at various stages, but it would also be horrendously embarrassing, so I’m quite happy that there are no video cameras in my house. 😀

    On the plus side, my metronome and I are friends today. Either that or my sense of rhythm suddenly got a lot better. In any case, I haven’t fought with the stupid thing all day. Not only have I been able to play things in time with it that normally I struggle with, I’ve been able to play much harder things than I’d ever tried in time with the metronome at full speed. My first ever metronome breakthrough! Yay!

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