At the Luthier Again…


So, I pulled her out of her case and she was beyond wonkified today. She was so out of tune it was ridiculous — worse than when I’ve just put new strings on. A & C totally flat, D & G totally sharp. Practically between tones kind of sharp and flat. So, I start trying to tune her and no matter how much I tightened the fine tuner on the D, it was always just barely flat. And buzzing. And rattling. So I examined the bridge since it had been having problems. The outsides of both feet were totally lifting off the body of the cello. As in I could stick a piece of paper under there. Even though this was not the case yesterday. I’m thinking she is pissed about the weather (we were having torrential downpours today) and this exacerbated whatever was wrong (the weather always does.) But, since I need to play her in all kinds of weather, we’re going to have to fix this. Thus, she got sent to the doctor to have her footies filed down so they sit more flush against her body. Hopefully this solves some of her issues. Sigh…


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  1. Yeah, it’s been awful here — sometimes the downpours have been so bad windshield wipers didn’t even help. And it’s supposed to dip below freezing soon. Normally our rains are warmer, but this is extremely cold and wet. Which means my cello is angry at the universe. My luthier says they normally like warm and wet, but mine is unusual in that she likes it dry — middle of the dry summer here and she’s so happy her wolf is gone! In any case, she’s been having a fit about the weather, stretching and contracting in all sorts of weird ways. It literally looks like the outside edges of the feet on the bridge have peeled up.

    My poor girl has to be retuned constantly — my house is pretty cold right now but as I play both she and I warm up and she relaxes and if I don’t retune every half hour she’ll be incredibly flat by the time I’m done practicing several hours later. Then when I get her out the next day she’s contracted in the cold and is super sharp. The joys of having a totally new not-so-well-made cello… at least my luthier says in a few years she’ll chill out a little and not react quite so badly to the weather. By which time I’m hoping to be deserving enough to get a nicer cello…

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