At 3:00, a time carefully planned out such that I could not bring my cello to class tonight, I went over to my luthier’s house to have him take a look at my bridge. Indeed, he said, the bridge was bent and needed to be fixed. So, he walked into his kitchen and grabbed… a butter knife. Tap tap. Nudge nudge. Fixed. I now get to play for my class tonight. Damn…

On the other hand, I have all the tools and knowledge needed to fix my bridge next time it bends the wrong way. Also, we talked about the possibility of thinning out the bridge a smidge, but he wants me to practice with it for a while first so I can listen to what straightening it did.

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  1. Well, I’m just about the world’s worst cellist, but other than that, it went fantastically. *Sarcasm*

    I did manage to tune my cell just fine in a room full of people staring at me, plus play a couple scales for the class. Then my teacher wanted me to play a little duet with her, which was really fairly simple, but I did the worst job ever at playing with someone. Like, worse than the first time I ever tried to play a duet with my teacher. It took a few tries, then I finally remembered that I actually do know what I’m doing.

    *Sigh* I really do need to play with a group… badly…

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