Apparently, I Have a Superpower!


Lately, I mean in the last couple months, I’ve been having some strange engagement issues with my strings. It’s not all the time and in fact it happens very infrequently, but when it happens, it’s always very odd and shouldn’t be happening — I have good rosin, a newly re-haired bow, and 6 mo. old strings. For example, in the middle of an up bow it will disengage very briefly, say for half a second, then reengage. It also happens more the higher up I’m playing, but it’s still very infrequent. Nothing I’m doing technique wise is wrong, really. So, I started to think it may be the strings and asked my luthier via FB. He told me that my strings should last at least a year and to instead take a look at the bridge. It should be exactly straight or even slightly pointing away from the neck, but definitely not toward the neck. I took a look and couldn’t really tell — my fantastic eyes were telling me it was wavy, but that’s just not how bridges warp. So, I took a straight edge to it. Turns out, it actually is curving slightly toward the neck. So, I get to bring her to the doctor tomorrow at 3 because that’s what fits in with my schedule and his.

I find all of this very ironic in light of my post Theory Class where I asked my cello to please break so that I will be forced to bring her in to the luthier Wednesday afternoon before class. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to play for the class and apparently I get my wish. What a seriously cool superpower I have!


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  1. Nonsense! I’m amazing — who else has a cello cello who will grant her a wish? 😛

    Or perhaps it’s my cello who is amazing, seeing as she appears to not only have developed sentience, but has also found my blog and read it and honored my request.

    Unfortunately, I now have to e-mail my teacher informing her I likely will not have my cello with me at class tomorrow. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past her to bring a replacement in for me to play.

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