Some Technical Questions


For any of you more tech-savvy folks out there, does anyone know how to make a page not show up on the front page of Google? There are some really ordinary things that make me show up on the front page — one of them even 4th — that I don’t want. I’m kinda afraid of typing them out here, lest this post end up on the front page of the same Google search along with the others. For example, if you type the name of the Egyptian composer whose piece I heard the other night, but spelled wrong like on the orchestra’s website, I come up #4. I don’t want to be showing up for that! Nor do I want to be found if someone was searching for a review of said concert, but I’m last on the front page. Help!

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  1. What’s funny is I think it took my blog less time to end up on Google’s front page for things not even directly relevant to the point of my blog than it did for my husband’s website to end up on he front page for extremely relevant search conditions. Maybe he should have just started a wordpress blog!

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