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This is my current Facebook status:
My theory teacher is making those of us who play instruments bring them into class next week for a demonstration. I’m suddenly thinking the cello is *far* too portable.

Yeah. I’m apparently going to have to lug Moira to the Sac City campus next Wednesday and play something as a demonstration for our unit on transposition. Not only is my teacher going to find out what a terrible cellist I am, I get to demonstrate my lack of cello-y goodness in front of the whole class.

So, Moira, (if you have sprouted eyes and a consciousness and are reading my blog) if you’re feeling the need to break sometime around next Wednesday afternoon, I totally won’t complain. Or perhaps Wednesday morning so I have time to take you to the luthier before class. Thanks!

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  1. Imagine the scene. A class in anticipation. You open the case and…..OMG, I forgot my bow! Oops, silly me.

    Trading scary stories: So the best luthier in Perth, who looks after the West Australian Symphony Orchestra hands me my cello and says “have a play, see what you think.” Enough said…

  2. Speaking of horror stories:

    When I went to pick of my cello one time at the music store I needed to play it to make sure the problem was fixed. The guy working there, a professional player and composer, takes me to a back room, starts asking me why the Hell I decided to get such a nice cello since I’d never played before and basically was telling me how dumb I was for starting to play. The strings were all wonky from having been taken off for fixing so they were tuned something like B-F-D-G and I had to try to get them up to pitch by ear using the tuning pegs because they were so off. And I had to play enough to make sure the cello was alright. All while being relentlessly insulted.

    I’ll take Mr. Hot Shot Luthier/Orchestra Director any day!

    Can you top that?

  3. I wish you good luck in class next week. I’m nervous enough about playing in a studio recital (10 students total plus their families) – I can’t imagine having to play for the 25 or so students in my music theory class.

  4. On the plus side, I’m not at a university, which translates into me being the only student who plays a classical instrument (besides my professor.) There’s also one guy who used to play flute in junior high and she’s making him play too (poor guy!) He objected that he no longer has a flute, so she informed him she was bringing one in for him. He’ll probably be the only person other than my prof. who will know I sound bad! But seeing as she helps run the Sacramento Youth Symphony and actually knows more about playing cello than I do, I’m going to look like a fool.

    I actually love recitals. The kiddos are always the most enthusiastic and supportive people. I think one recital gets me more complements than I normally get in the whole time between them! Plus, they’re fun and make me laugh. I highly recommend making friends with them.

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