Warming Up


After reading Cello Studio’s post Effective Practising: Warming Up I feel the need to talk about warming up myself. This is because I literally can’t warm up. I’m wearing knee high socks and slippers, thick jeans, two undershirts and sweater, with a thick plush fleece robe on top of it all. Oh, and I’m working on hot beverage No. 2. Not to mention I’ve turned the house up to 70. And my hands are STILL freezing. And my wrists. And every single part of me. How am I supposed to practice like this?

On a good note, I’ve finally managed to correctly play the sequence I’ve been having trouble with for several weeks. The notes are all the correct-ish length and correct-ish pitch. Unfortunately, that accomplishment somehow makes me feel even worse, because the passage still sounds like absolute garbage even when I happen to get the notes and timing right. It used to be that any accomplishment excited me (“look what I figured out!”) but now it’s more like so what if I got one thing right? There are ten thousand other things wrong, so it still sounds like crap.

Since when did cello get so depressing?


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