Student and Teacher


I just finished reading Emily Wright’s posts about The Perfect Student and The Perfect Teacher. Apparently I get a lower grade than my teacher, but she’s not perfect either. She excels at being relentless, more than any teacher I’ve had in any subject, and she’s certainly never “phoned it in,” although she recently started scheduling herself a half hour lunch break, which she didn’t used to do (somehow I don’t think that counts as “phoning it in,” though.) What she doesn’t do is write anything down for me, ever. She doesn’t even have me write stuff down for myself. She practically writes essays for her other students, but she discovered quickly that I can remember what she says better than she can remember it herself. So, I write down only what I fear I may forget, which is often nothing at all. I think this has a lot to do with #2 on Emily’s student post. After my lessons, I always practice everything we worked on together and what she wants me to work on throughout the week. Often lesson days see the most practice of any day of the week because I found early on that practicing after lessons was the best way to remember what she taught me. Unfortunately that’s the only thing I do okay at. I’m terrible at visualizing, no matter what it is. I always have to ask her to show me things several times before I can connect actions with her words, then it takes another several times of me trying it myself before I truly understand what she’s saying. I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like next week after I cut several inches off my hair, even though my hair has been that length a million times, so how can I imagine something that’s difficult to do that I’ve never done before? Then there’s point #3, which I utterly have failed at. If I knew where I could take my skills for an “extra curricular spin” I totally would, but in such a musical community, the only thing I’d be good for is one of the elementary school orchestras, and even then I’d likely hold them back. Though if I could pass for a sixth grader I’d totally join!

So, between the two of us, we succeed on half, fail on half, though this seems entirely due to me, not her. Go me?


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  1. Nice post, you’ve inspired me to do the same audit (and probably come to the same conclusions)

    As for dressing like a 6th grader? There are websites for people like that you know 🙂

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