Being an Effective Student


After poking around The Cello Companion‘s blog I’ve gotten to wondering about things from a teacher’s perspective. Most of the people who read my blog (or at least those who comment) are students, like myself. Everything we talk about is student-centric, which is great because we can be a real benefit to each other. We can give each other tips, hints, moral support, and encouragement in ways that people who aren’t adult students can’t. Then TCC commented on something and gave me the link to her blog, which is largely full of entries that are relevant to students and are mostly technical. I started wishing she’d written something about how to be a good student. What can we students, besides taking the time to practice more, do to learn faster? Are there things we can do to make our lessons and interactions with our teacher more effective? I’m always trying to think of ways to learn more efficiently, which generally translates into making my practice more effective. But is there something I can do differently in lessons that would help me also? It’s not that I have any answers really. Her blog just got me thinking.


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  1. I seem to spend most of my lessons saying “show me”. I’m a thinking-in-pictures person and I only really get what my teacher asks when she shows me. I kind of automagically internalise what I’m shown so I guess I’ve been doing some of what Emily’s talking about.

    But sometimes it goes in but just doesn’t connect on the way back out when it’s my turn to play.

    I’m also terrible at doing those micro-technique exercises without having the big picture of why I’m doing this. “Yes yes, I know you want me to play little circles with the bow but show me at full speed how it all goes together.”

    But I so love the learning experience even if sometimes I can see the frustration in my teacher when I still dont get it….show me again????

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