I made this lovely image so you can see the piece I’m working on. I’d record it’s awfulness for you, but my recording device and computer hate each other. Also, I think you’d be quite upset at me after listening to it! Instead, a visual representation:


There’s a nice little guide, but I don’t know if you can see it so well, so… Red = OMG! My ears! Yellow = Well, at least my ears are no longer bleeding! Green = It’s actually sounding OK!


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  1. When you initially mentioned this I thought you meant the Faure Sicilienne, which seemed disproportionally difficult compared to your other pieces. Amazing piece, though. I’m sure this one will be all “green” very soon. 🙂

    What tempo are you aiming for? I can record the second part for you to practice with, if you like.

  2. Having a recording to practice with sounds fun to me!

    I’m aiming for andantino (as it’s supposed to be) but I actually end up playing it faster than that without the metronome, which I don’t use as often as I should. It’s been pretty hard at this stage where I’ve had to think so much about my shifts that if I’m working with the metronome the beat is totally over by the time I figure out where my fingers are supposed to be. So, for now, I’ve largely stopped using it for this song, though it’s been helpful with the 16th notes at the end. So, to answer your question, anywhere around andantino sounds good to me. Whatever you think sounds pretty will work. Thanks!

  3. Here you go : second cello part.

    I recorded it at dotted quarter = 52, and left the subdivisions on. I count off 2 measures for nothing (“1 2 1 2”), and I give the fermata a whole extra beat in order to keep matched with the metronome.

    Have fun! I enjoyed recording and playing with the second part.

  4. GGP- Thanks. I tried playing with it tonight, but the computer speakers are WAAAAAY to quiet, so I’ll have to burn it or put it on the iPod or something and use headphones. I’m kinda failing at the song today anyway (okay, I’m failing at all things cello today, which includes accidentally flinging my metronome across the room and breaking it.) So… perhaps a few more days of solo practice are in order. Glad you had fun recording it! 🙂

  5. Yeah, it was fine with headphones but I did need to up the volume. I’ll record it again this week with a better volume setting, but before I do please check to see that the metronome marking works for where you are in the piece right now.

    Oh, and don’t worry, cello nightmares and “can’t do a thing right” usually happen just before you break through a plateau. 🙂

  6. If I’m having a normal day (very unlike yesterday) the speed is good and the markings quite easy to follow. But… not only have I been stupid the past few days, my teacher is having me majorly slow it down to work on a few skills that are new and uncomfortable and hard to hear. If your metronome has a setting called “glacial” that might be about right. Thanks though, and you sounded wonderful 🙂

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