A Lousy Cello Week


This week has been busy and unfortunately pretty lousy cello-wise, largely due to a lack of being able to practice, but also because I’ve really been struggling this week. I had my lesson Sunday, which was a wonderful lesson, but after that everything kinda went downhill. The exercises my teacher wanted me to do for dynamics worked just fine, except that none of what I was able to do in the exercises transferred to my current songs. Also, the one part of the Mozart song I’ve been having trouble with is still tangling up my fingers, despite the “easier” fingering she gave me to try. Then, I started working on the next new song, Sicilian, which seems to have become my mortal enemy. I feel like I’m fighting a battle just to get through the song, even ignoring timing, articulation, phrasing, and dynamics. The shifts in this song feel several levels higher than in anything I’ve played previously, which has left me feeling like I’ve somehow missed something essential. Before it was always shift, stay a while, shift, stay a while, etc. There has always been time to feel grounded where I was, but now I feel like everything is sort of a shot in the dark and I’m lucky if I end up close. shiftshiftshiftshiftshiftshift with maybe a couple of 8th notes before I move again! To top it all off, I still haven’t gotten down to the music store to buy the books she wanted me to get for sight reading. *sigh*


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  1. I remember thinking that that Sicilien was suddenly many leaps harder, too, but then the eventual cracking of it should bring you on a long way! The crummy weeks always seem kind of necessary in the long run…they do convert into something in the end!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has experienced the song this way. I have truly been worried that somehow I’d missed something necessary in the songs before. No matter how slow I play it, I feel like the song is always several notes ahead of my mind and my fingers are still tangled up from two shifts before! At least I can get through it with it sounding vaguely song-like, even if that’s all that is right about it!

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