Well, that was unexpected!


Today I had my lesson and I expected for all my pieces (and scales) to be totally torn apart, which is normally what happens. Okay, always what happens. So, we tune then she has me start working on A major, two octaves. She asked first how practicing it had been going to which I replied that it’s worse than terrible at best, that my extensions are still quite painful and that coming down from the high A into 4th position is a disaster. Her reply: Oh, I didn’t realize you were still having so much trouble with the extensions. You always sound so beautiful that no one would ever know. Me: I’ll make sure to grimace every time I do an extension to remind you. Me (in my head): Beautiful? What the *$^@ is she talking about?? So, apparently at some point I stopped scrunching up my face every time something is difficult to play, which would explain the lack of her getting all over me about it. Also: my teacher thinks I sound beautiful??

So, moving on to the songs since my poor hands wouldn’t relax enough for A major. The first two of my songs, she decides we don’t even need to go over, that they sounded good last week and that with another week of practice they really don’t need to be worked on more, that it’s important that we move on again. ??? Third song, we play it through. My dynamics are a bit underdone, but she liked everything how it was, I just need to work on exaggerating them more. The part that has been tripping me up, the extended 4th to harmonic 16th notes, she agreed was too slow, saw I was having trouble at the extension and gave me different fingering to use. Again: ??? Since when do I get things made easier for me???

So, moving on again, we start working through a new song. Then, miracle of all miracles, we actually got to the vibrato questions I wanted answered. And the answers made sense for once, rather than confusing me!

Why does this all feel so wrong???

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