Post #2: Regret


Many of you have probably already read Emily Wright’s post about regret. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. I really loved her point that listing out her regrets would have been nothing more than a vanity project.

I have only one regret with the cello, and it’s a pretty ridiculous one: that I didn’t start playing until I was 26.

Emily’s right. What good does it do to regret this? It doesn’t make me a better cellist. Plus, had I started as a child (as I frequently wish I had,) there’s no guarantee that I would love it now or have a successful career. Ultimately, regretting this doesn’t help me. Instead it hurts me and takes me away from being present during the cello experiences I’m having now.

Next time I get to thinking this way, I’m going to look at Emily’s post and then my list of the advantages of beginning as an adult.

Emily, thanks for the words of wisdom.


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