Last Night’s Recital


As I’m sure all of you who are reading this already know, I had my second ever recital last night. I was practicing beforehand and doing horribly. I had turned my house up to 71, but my hands were still frozen stiff. I don’t know how it is for everyone else, but I almost need to be too hot while playing cello in order for my hands to work properly. My hands tend to have poor circulation, so if the rest of me is too hot, then my hands are just right. Since I was so chilly while trying to practice I couldn’t make any of my extensions and every time I tried my wrist would strain. At this point I was pretty convinced I’d fail miserably at the recital and since practicing was really not helping, I worked on getting all done up so at least I’d look pretty. I finished and it was kinda time to go, but I was feeling warmer and ran through my songs one more time just to see if I was doing any better. Thankfully I was, which was reassuring because my teacher keeps her house somewhere in the sweltering range.

I managed to get there 5 minutes early instead of 10, which actually worked just fine. While I was quickly unpacking and tuning I was told I was first. As soon as I was done getting ready, I got to go play for everyone, which was actually a blessing. I had to concentrate on doing what needed to be done and everything happened so fast that I didn’t have time to be nervous. None of the refinements from last lesson managed to come out in my playing, but it was a solid performance and I was happy with it. Then I got to listen to everyone else all nice and relaxed because the hard part was over.


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