Tonight’s Recital


My lesson on Sunday was all about prepping for the recital tonight, and my teacher, of course, gave me a million many things to work on. It’s not that I can’t do them, but even with the best of intentions the consistency with which I execute them is rather lacking. So, I plan on practicing for maybe an hour today, but mostly I need to try to relax about it (hopefully!) I don’t want to start over thinking yet again because who knows what I’d end up doing at the recital. I got to perform one of the pieces for the previous student and her family at the beginning of my lesson before they left, which was actually pretty fun. I focused on relaxing and sinking in, and it turned out quite well, certainly better than any of the other times we’d played the duet together. So, that’s my goal for the recital tonight, because when I focus on sinking my weight in and not the results, it generally turns out I actually do know what I’m doing and I play my best. So, here’s to hoping that a room full of people staring at me doesn’t get in the way of that.

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  1. It went pretty well actually. I turned out to be first on the schedule, so I got there (in the pouring rain) and quickly unpacked, tuned, got to play a couple scales, then it was time to GO! I didn’t make any horrible mistakes, but didn’t accomplish all that I’d hoped to either. Better than my average though, so I was happy.

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