Recording Myself


At my lesson on Sunday my teacher told me she wanted me to start recording myself, which I have been doing for the past couple days. Despite the fact that recording devices don’t lie, I still keep hoping that my particular one actually does. The shock of first hearing how I sound recorded was pretty awful. However, it has been a helpful tool. Today, after warming up, I played the Bach minuet and recorded it. I listened to it to determine what I thought my weakest points were and worked on those. Each little area I worked on I recorded once, worked on it, then recorded it again until I could hear improvement. Despite the end result still sounding awful, I could hear a lot of improvement in a short time. I realized how easy it is to convince myself that I’m improving while practicing when I’m not getting any better at all. It’s like I hear what I want to be playing, not what I’m actually playing. Thankfully, the recording device prevents me from deluding myself.


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