No Cello :(


I went into the music store and of course they didn’t have much of a selection of eliminators, by which I mean they had one. And not what I was hoping for. However, for the first time they were actually nice and helpful. In the end I took the advice of their only cellist and took it into our local luthier. I was able to meet with him today and I’m definitely glad I did. This morning when I took it out, I noticed that the parchment under the A string on the bridge had come loose and actually turned. Plus the string was off by about 2 mm where it should be. I mentioned that to him and also asked him about how far down into the groove the D string was, and he said it was too far down, so he is going to file the bridge there and put new parchment under the A and D strings (the D string didn’t have any before.) We’re hoping getting those things taken care of will fix the problem because everything else looked in good shape. Unfortunately, I’m without a cello until the problem is fixed. He said the repairs should take a couple days, which isn’t too long, but if they don’t get rid of the wolf tone, it could be quite a while longer.

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