My Cello Hates This Weather…


… and it’s letting me know with a lovely wolf tone on the F natural. On both the G & D strings. Worse on the G string when I play softly and worse on the D string when I play loudly. Which is, of course, exactly what I need to do in the song I’m working on. You know, the minuet that’s in F Major… And it sounds just like those “this is a really bad wolf tone” videos I’ve seen on youtube wondering just what one was before the seasons changed. While I contemplate just which eliminator I’d like to try, my time spent practicing has taken a serious nose dive, down to about half an hour a day. So: which eliminator to try? There isn’t a decent string shop anywhere around here (the closest is 1.5+ hours away) and the local music shop tends not to be all that helpful even when one of their string players is around. Thus, I have scoured the internet for as much info as I can find and think I would like to try the lup-x, assuming the local shop has one. I’ve kind-of been avoiding the whole thing, but this lack of practicing is getting to me. The question: does my distaste for going into the music store outweigh my desire to practice?


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