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So, I’ve started this post and deleted it several times. Sometimes I just don’t know what to feel after a lesson. They can be both motivating and discouraging at the same time. Motivating because I always leave hopeful, even certain that I WILL learn to play the cello beautifully. But sometimes, often when I’ve made a breakthrough, she pushes me even harder than she had been before. Which generally results in me realizing, even more than I did before, how far I have to go. Somehow it seems that the more I learn, the more I have to learn, as if my eventual goal is always getting farther and farther from where I am. Granted, she has expressed concern that she pushes me too fast, but I’ve told her to always give me more to practice than I can and push me to learn faster than I can. So when I feel this way it’s totally my fault. Thankfully, she announced that with my new song we are going to spend more than my normal two weeks working on this song and it will be the only song I work on for those two weeks, unless of course I choose to review previous songs, but she doesn’t expect that and feels that I’ve learned as much as I can from them for now. The piece is a minuet by Bach. Which minuet, I don’t know. The book is pretty vague about things like titles and/or composers. Go 1950’s French method book that’s also 1/3 in German and 1/3 in English and 100% confusing! I like the song, because I like everything Bach (so does my cat for that matter…) But gah! It has the craziest shifts! (The book does say that it’s a review of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions…) Here’s to hoping this song goes well!


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  1. the G major minuet in Feuillard, the trilingual yellow method book?? I think the minuet comes from Bach’s Notebook for Anna Magdalena — his second wife.
    Feuillard is kind of awesome — I love the stern reverence to the generations of cello pedagogues that comes through in the few bits of text there are!
    Good luck!

  2. Michael – No, not from Suzuki at all. I went through most of the first book but it wasn’t a particularly good fit for me, so my teacher started me on the book eveningprose mentioned, methode du jeune violoncelliste by Feuillard.

    eveningprose – It’s the minuet in F Major, lesson 29 on p. 38. I couldn’t find a minuet in G anywhere. Are we talking about the same book by Feuillard?

  3. Hi Elysia,
    sorry, yep, you’re right it is F major and that page of the same book! I think the original for keyboard might have been in G major (prob the same one as Michael mentioned above!) I played the piece again the other day after you reminded me of it…and also suffered suddenly much worse and I guess seasonal wolf tone probs… Hope your cello comes back in good shape and sound!

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